Friends Board Meeting at Allusion Apartments

May 1, 2014 By:George Boehme


The Friends of West University Place Parks Fund board meeting will be May 7 from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM.

The location of the meeting will be at the brand new Allusion Apartments, 3810 Law.

The Friends of West University Place Parks Fund, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) corporation provided for under ordinance. The Friends organization is responsible for maintaining a parks fund for the purpose of purchasing, leasing, or acquiring park land and equipping, reconstructing, repairing, maintaining, and operating parks.

The staff contact is Donna LaMond, Executive Director for the Friends of West University Place Parks. Call 713.662.7430 for more information visit

For a copy of the agenda, go to

2 Responses to “Friends Board Meeting at Allusion Apartments”

  1. miltonwatchdog Says:

    Just a matter of time for a high rise, three or more story buildings with parking garage at Town Center. The developers are pretty cozy with the boys at the City. Wonder if there could be a connection with Allusion Developer and the Friends? Just sayin’ . . .

  2. Lucille Says:

    Why not meet in the Recreation Center? Is there a new apartment complex in West U’s future?

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