Help West U Police Catch These Crooks

April 28, 2014 By:George Boehme

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The West University Police Department needs your help in identifying three alleged thieves who apparently scaled the fence at the Colonial Park Pool on April 13 at about 3am. Below is a link to the output from the surveillance cameras in which three males are shown on the property from 2am-3am and the footage captures them running around and then stealing a floating lilly pad and a floating turtle. The stolen property is valued at $4,700.

Video Surveillance Footage (concession stand, skip to 1:05)

Video Surveillance Footage (patio, skip to :25)

Video Surveillance Footage (diving board, skip to :30)

On April 19, Officer M. Sierra was dispatched to Colonial Park Pool regarding the theft. The floatation devices were last seen on the table tops near the building pool entrance where they are stored during winter off-season. The lifeguards originally thought items had been misplaced. After a review of the surveillance video, the lifeguards realized the floatation devices had been stolen on April 13.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the West University Place Police Department at (713) 668-0330 or email them at  They assure us that all tips will remain anonymous.

5 Responses to “Help West U Police Catch These Crooks”

  1. GoldBacon Says:

    Wait, what? A floating lilypad and toy turtle are valued at $4,700??? Sounds like the real crime happened long before this burglary.

  2. miltonwatchdog Says:

    Looks like kids, probably local. Ugly floating lily pad and turtle — glad they are gone. Safety hazard in the event a small child could get trapped underneath. So we got cheap cameras, no motion detectors or lights, and spent $4,700 on stupid pool junk. City government run amuck with our money.

  3. Lucille Says:

    It is hard to tell, but I assume the shown picture is outside. The house I had in West U was on a corner lot. I had a cheap floodlight over the backdoor and another on the attached garage which lit up the backyard like it was high noon. Unless bright lights would bother neighbors, I would think better lighting would help. Motion sensors alerting the police department might be triggered by animals. One night I thought there was someone walking in the leaves. My floodlights revealed a very big raccoon.

  4. Andrew Says:

    Despite advances in technology, getting decent video footage under typical night time conditions isn’t easy when using budget hardware. I think motion sensor activated lights would help though.

  5. Frank Says:

    Why is it that with the level of today’s technology the quality of the surveillance videos we always see is so poor?
    Why not have motion sensors? They are inexpensive enough for residential users, why doesn’t the City install them on facilities where there is such high price equipment?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if these thugs are spoiled kids that live in the neighborhood not far from the club.

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