Redskins Become Texans

April 15, 2014 By:George Boehme

School News

The Redskins are no more. Welcome the Lamar High School Texans.

After complaints that “Redskins” was offensive, HISD decided it was time for Lamar High School to have a new mascot. Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier announced the new mascot for Tuesday morning.

The debate for change matured back in December when Senator Rodney Ellis wrote a letter to Grier, asking him to change the mascot for Lamar High School. Ellis said he made the request after meeting with local Native American leaders who were concerned about the name.

Then a series of votes and debates followed and  the HISD board approved the name change this morning.

2 Responses to “Redskins Become Texans”

  1. miltonwatchdog Says:

    Am disappointed that our great Lamar High School could not come up with a more original name for Lamar’s football team. Since HISD board literally caved to Rodney Ellis, I was expecting a name more appropriate, like the Lamar LAMBS. I have high cheekbones and was not offended by “Redskins”. I am offended by HISD board members and how they squander my tax money.

  2. Les Albin Says:

    I’m sure Lamar would approve. He hated redskins, called for their extermination, but he loved Texas and Texans.

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