West U Police Respond to Shooting

March 27, 2014 By:George Boehme

Crime Reports

Police from West University Place assisted in the arrest of a 44-year old woman who fired shots into the parking lot and building of KTRK TV Thursday morning, according to Houston police.

HPD spokesman John Cannon said the woman was “observed by several witnesses” as she pulled her gray-colored Chevy Camaro beside the fence that rims Channel 13’s studios and began firing a handgun at about 9 a.m.

West U police responded to the first call about the incident, Cannon said. Officers attempted to stop the woman, who continued driving and HPD officers joined in the pursuit. She was arrested in the 4700 block of Richmond, about 10 minutes after the shooting, Cannon said.

“There were shots fired in the parking and into the building,” Cannon said. “No one was hurt.”

West U police officials referred all calls about the incident to HPD.

Cannon said that “West U Police assisted in the arrest” of the woman, who is currently jailed at HPD’s Southeast substation, where female prisoners are housed. Formal charges against the woman are pending, Cannon said. She will be transferred to the Harris County jail when charges are filed, Cannon said.

Because of a “similar” incident on February 20 at the Channel 13 studios, HPD is investigating whether the two events are connected, Cannon said.

In February, someone driving an older model, Chevy Camaro drove into KTRK’s parking lot at 3310 Bissonnet, and starting firing shots at vehicles in the parking lot. That person then drove away, and was not apprehended. The February incident happened at about 6:30 a.m., Cannon said.

“There are some similarities with the car, with the random firing of shots. We will investigate to determine whether the incidents are connected,” Cannon said.

5 Responses to “West U Police Respond to Shooting”

  1. miltonwatchdog Says:

    New accounts stated that she shot at the building and at cars, not necessarily targeting any specific person. Clearly suffering some sort of mental anguish, this woman does not fit the profile of a sniper or evil killer. She deserves representation, a fair and just hearing and trial, granted to her by our Constitution. On the other hand, the despicable and evil live-in boyfriend that raped and tortured the 10-month old little girl until she died does not deserve our justice. A bullet to the brain would end a lot of misery and save taxpayers some money.

  2. Frank Says:

    There is something wrong with the terminology used in the legal profession. Someone is caught in the act of committing a crime and is called a “suspect” and he/she is “alleged” to have committed the crime.
    Surely there’s got to be terminology in our exquisitely rich English language to describe these despicable characters in more appropriate form – even if they are technically “innocent” until proven guilty in a court of Law.

  3. Lucille Says:

    It has been a long time since I have been in the area, but I seem to recall that there was a guard at the entrance on Bissonnet.

  4. Bavikavo Says:

    If everyone in the Channel 13 studios was well armed with at least a semi-automatic each this unfortunate incident would not have occurred.

    • Frank Says:

      I disagree…it wouldn’t have prevented it, but she would be dead…and it would have been a good shoot.
      Instead, tax payers now will have to pay for her trial, her public defendant, her decades in jail (if she gets that), her psychiatrist, etc., etc., etc.

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