West U Man Bags Massive Gator

September 16, 2013 By:InstantNewsWestu Staff

Local News

A West University man landed a big catch last week — an alligator that measured more than 13 feet long.

Austin Kimbrough bagged the gator at the Guadalupe Wildlife Management area near Tivoli.

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3 Responses to “West U Man Bags Massive Gator”

  1. neighbor Says:

    i’m confused why killing an alligator is a bad thing if he is eating the alligator meat. how is this different than fishing? or eating cows? That cow on the farm probably didn’t hurt anyone as well…. and if you think it’s more humane to eat farm raised animals vs wild ones, you should really watch some videos on how farm raised cattle are raised…

  2. miltonwatchdog Says:

    What a man, what a man! After he shot it in the head he needed help getting this old guy in the boat. This old gator had been around for a long, long time and likely didn’t bother anybody or eat any children. Disgusting kill.

  3. LHG Says:

    I trust it isn’t being processed in his backyard.

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