West U’s top goal: No more flooding

August 20, 2013 By:InstantNewsWestu Staff

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Frustrated that a deal has stalled to buy more stormwater drainage capacity from the city of Houston, West University City Council has determined that resolving flooding threats to residents is the top priority for the next two years.

Talks have ceased in a two-year effort to buy 9.1 acre-feet for stormwater storage, West U. City ManagerMichael Ross said recently.

An acre-foot is the volume of one acre of surface area to a depth of one foot.

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2 Responses to “West U’s top goal: No more flooding”

  1. miltonwatchdog Says:

    Since the Mayor and Council have likely not had to deal with a flooded home, the flooding issue in the College Street area is not a priority. Some of the homes in the flood-prone areas have flooded three or four times. Changing our City Charter seems to be more of a priority to our Mayor, Council and City Manager. Maybe it is time the voters just said “NO”, not another term. Getting the powerful lawyers and business leaders involved in City business is not going to be easy. One has to be personally affected before any action is initiated.

  2. LHG Says:

    Why doesn’t the city of Houston want to sell additional storm water storage space to West U? I remember when all the discussion was taking place and it showed that the large section affected was in serious trouble. Frankly, it seems a little stupid to think that the powerful folks who happen to live in West U are going to just say o.k. One of the perks I appreciated when I lived in West U was knowing that the lawyers and business leaders who were my neighbors would look out for our town.

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