Sample, Johnson, Yehle and Heathcott Re-Elected to City Council

May 11, 2013 By:InstantNewsWestu Staff

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The complete unofficial results for today’s West U City Council election have Susan Sample, Joan Johnson, Dick Yehle and Ed Heathcott as the top vote getters for city council.

Sample received the most votes with 673, followed by Johnson with 661, Yehle with 638 and Heathcott with 638 votes.

Candidate Sonny Brandtner received 321 votes.

Mayor Bob Fry was unopposed. He received 794 votes.

The total number of ballots submitted, including mail ballots and early voting, is 900.

Official canvassing will be held at the city council meeting on Monday, May 20.

12 Responses to “Sample, Johnson, Yehle and Heathcott Re-Elected to City Council”

  1. Rice man Says:

    I am glad that Susan Sample won. She is a hard working council member and will do West U. proud.

  2. Brokelyn Says:

    Sorry to see Sonny lose, but not surprised considering how the incumbents stuck together. Three of them (sans Heathcott) were even sitting together outside of the parking lot at City Hall on voting day.

    Sonny, if that is you in the previous comment, don’t get suckered into bad-mouthing by trolls. Trolls live on this stuff and you can’t beat them at their own game. If you’re serious about Council, stay active on these message boards and at Town Hall meetings and educate us for the next year about who you are and what you stand for. The slate next year will be completely new and you (and whoever else runs) should be on equal footing.

    • West U Resident Says:

      Bob Fry, Sonny and Ed were sitting in the same place with everyone outside of the parking lot at various times on election day, Brokelyn. It depended on what time you went by as to when any particular candidate was sitting there. That was where the 100 yard marker was and they couldn’t go any closer to the polling location. Please don’t start making up conspiracies when there weren’t any. That kind of makes you a troll.

  3. Sonny Brandtner Says:

    You are a coward hiding behind miltonwatchdog and your comments are usually rude and ignorant. I guess every city needs a town idiot… Its’s you!

  4. miltonwatchdog Says:

    Voted for all except Fry and Sonny. Fry asks for money, Sonny wants to spend it. I should have written in Heathcott for Mayor, too.

  5. Tangley Resident Says:

    All of the candidates went door to door.

  6. Ron Ford Says:

    all I know is Joan Johnson was door to door. I went out of my way to vote for her.

    • Brokelyn Says:

      I’m glad she went door to door, but her views really turned me off. I was ready to vote for her until I met her!

  7. Tangley Resident Says:

    Now we get two more years of nothing done. Sonny Brandtley was the best candidate by far.

  8. It'sTheLaw Says:

    What? Fry won?

    I wrote in HEATHCOTT for mayor.

    What happened WU ?

  9. Meter Maid Says:

    Seriously. Less than 5% of the population voted. Cheers for Ed. Time to give small Fry a run for his money.

    • Brokelyn Says:

      A quick bit of math. The 900 votes represents 6% of our population and approximately 8.5% of our population older than 18.

      That turnout was pathetic. What’s wrong with you people? There is NO excuse–there were practically no lines, it takes very little time to get to City Hall if you live in WU, there’s plenty of parking, and the weather was fantastic.

      I’m sickened at how little regard WU citizens showed for the democratic process. People around the world will accept bodily harm or even death to vote in elections that are often rigged against them; 91% of our adults can’t put down their forks to cast five fricking votes?


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