West U Council Candidate Spends Nearly $15,000 on Race

April 29, 2013 By:InstantNewsWestu Staff

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One West U City Council candidate has spent nearly $15,000 on the May 11 election.

According to the 30-day campaign finance reports on file with the city, Friends of West U Parks Board Member Sonny Brandtner has spent the most money compared to the other candidates.

He reported spending $14,667 to “Melaroo” for advertising expenses and $258 on a dinner with two supporters. He has accepted $300 in political contributions, according to his report.

Mayor Pro Tem Susan Sample has reported the most political contributions of any of the candidates with $6,508.23 donated to her campaign. As of the 30-day reporting period, she had spent $547.19 on her campaign for pushcards and advertising expenses with “Right on the Money.”

According to Councilman Ed Heathcott’s report, he has spent $1,921.44 with “Southwest Precision Printers” for advertising expenses. He did not report any contributions to his campaign.

Councilwoman Joan Johnson has reported spending $1,127.45 on her campaign for advertising expenses with “Sprint 2 Print” and “Fast Signs.” She accepted $350 in political contributions, according to her report.

Councilman Dick Yehle filed a modified reporting declaration, which states that he does not intent to accept more than $500 in political contributions or spend more than $500 in political expenditures.

11 Responses to “West U Council Candidate Spends Nearly $15,000 on Race”

  1. LHG Says:

    I’ve never seen Campaign Finance Reports published in a West U election. It may be the way things are done now, but it is most unwise to display unnecessary personal information online.

  2. Ted Says:

    I think this indicates that Sonny takes the race seriously. It also indicates that he’s eagerly trying to get his ideas in front of people who otherwise wouldn’t be interested in municipal politics. There are so many ‘status quo’ actors at this level that someone who actually wants to do something, and is striving to tell us exactly how he plans to do it, is pretty darn refreshing.

  3. West U Resident Says:

    Actually, the continuity comments are not exactly true. The councilmembers and mayor are limited to two CONSECUTIVE terms, so it is very conceivable a prior councilmember could come back and run again. Remember Dick Yehle served a term, sat out a term, and then ran again and won, and is running again now.

    • Brokelyn Says:

      I stand corrected! Thanks for the clarification–you are, of course, correct.

  4. Les Albin Says:

    A friend of mine who taught at one of the nearby universities once commented that the politics involved at his organization were especially viscious since there was so little at stake. West U can be like that sometimes. It seems egos and self interest occasionally trump what is best for the community.

  5. Sonny Brandtner Says:


    Thank you. It is expensive to get your name out there. Believe me, I am spending the money on the campaign because I sincerely want to join our council.


    Thanks for the vote of confidence !

  6. Brokelyn Says:

    I will not be voting for Joan, but I predict Sonny will not make the cut.

    I like a number of his ideas and that he doesn’t represent himself in ideological terms (Joan’s first words are “I’m a Conservative.” — ugh, leave that sort of nonsense for the national politicians). We need Council members who just look at our city and think about future needs. It isn’t rocket science and it certainly doesn’t require ideological stands. Oh, and she still likes the off street parking idea….

    Another important consideration is that he could potentially provide continuity when the next Council is elected (2 period term limit) — otherwise we will have 100% new faces in 2014. Could be useful.

  7. millie Says:

    It is completely understandable that the only new man in the race would far outspend everyone else. Otherwise no one would even be aware he was running. And sadly 15,000 is not that much when you consider cost of newspaper ads. Think about it and be fair.

  8. the Chimney rules Says:

    Predictions: which candidate will finish last?

  9. miltonwatchdog Says:

    It is clear that Sonny is a big spender. O.K. as long as it is his money and not ours.

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