16 Tires Stolen In One Night

May 13, 2009

Four West U. residents woke up on May 8 to find their vehicles up on blocks, with all four rims and tires stolen. Police suspect the thieves may be a part of a group that included two 19-year-olds who were arrested at the end of last month for car burglary.


The tires were taken from vehicles in the 4100 block of Milton, the 4200 block of Swarthmore, the 6700 block of Rutgers and the 3700 block of Arnold.  


While taking belongings out of a car can help deter theft, West U. Police Chief Ken Walker says the best way to avoid having tires stolen is to park in a garage or as close to the house as possible in a well-lit area.


Resident John Berger, a victim of one of the tire thefts, says the lighting didn’t help much in his situation.


“The city just installed a new streetlight in the front yard, five feet in front of my car,” Berger told council recently. “The only thing I think that did was help them take the wheels off faster.”

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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