‘Operation Safe Halloween’ Targets Child Sex Offenders

October 31, 2008

The Attorney General’s Office and law enforcement officials are warning convicted child sex offenders that they should think twice before opening their front doors to trick-or-treaters tonight.

To help ensure that child sex offense parolees comply with mandated Halloween night restrictions, the Attorney General’s fugitive unit and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Parole Division will jointly conduct Operation Safe Halloween beginning tonight.

Operation Safe Halloween is a statewide law enforcement initiative that targets sexual predators who are legally required to avoid young trick-or-treaters on Halloween. The effort will target convicted child sex offenders who violate conditions of their parole on Halloween night, Attorney General Greg Abbott explained.

“With young Texans out trick-or-treating, certain sexual predators are required to be off the streets, inside their homes and out of the presence of young trick-or-treaters,” Abbott said. “We are grateful to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Parole Division and local law enforcement for working closely with the fugitive unit (of the AG’s office) to help ensure Texas children are protected and that Halloween remains safe.”

Restrictions that govern convicted sex offenders vary depending upon each individual’s sentence. Additionally, offenders’ parole officers may have independent authority to restrict certain activities. Frequently, parole officers instruct convicted child sex offenders to return home before dark and leave their porch lights off after dark on Halloween night.

Operation Safe Halloween focuses on child sex offenders who violate their curfews, live where candy is being distributed to children, or reside where children are led to believe they can trick-or-treat.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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