‘Don’t Tax Me Bro’: West U. Resident Plans TEA Party Protest On 59 Overpass

April 15, 2009

West U. resident Peter Moorman hopes members of all political parties join him and friends today at their planned TEA Party protest on the Hazard Street overpass of US 59 from 4:30-5:30 p.m.


“Today’s event is non-partisan,” said Moorman, who says he is conservative, but doesn’t identify as a Republican. “It’s not about Republicans or Libertarians or Democrats – it’s just about people who want to come together to cut taxes and cut spending.”


The event is part of a nation-wide Taxed Enough Already protest.


“Every time you turn the news on the government is spending more of our hard earned money rewarding companies for inefficient business practices,” said Moorman. “The government under Obama’s administration is now capitalizing gains and socializing losses”


Moorman says protestors will carry signs with slogans such as “Born Free, Taxed to Death,” “Don’t Tax Me Bro,”  “Stop Rewarding Failure” and “Honk for Low Taxes.”


Kenny DuBose, who lives across from Rice University, planes to take part in the event.


“It’s time ordinary citizens say enough is enough to the idea that government bureaucrats should assume power of bailing out certain businesses and individuals and not others,” said DuBose. “It’s ridiculous, and sets up an entire cottage industry of favor paybacks and back-scratching.”


“We are hoping a lot of our friends come, you never know with stuff like this,” said Moorman.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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